Hey Y'all, my name is Kariana,

and I am a Florida raised, New York based nonunion actor, singer, dancer, and now podcast co-host. I am a proud Latine artist, and it is my goal to use my work as a means to foster intersectionality, diversity, equity, and inclusivity. I am passionate about community and collaboration, and I am always grateful for the opportunity to create with others. I am currently represented by FSE Talent for musical theatre. 

When I'm not working, I love cooking (my carne guisada is unmatched, no lie), quality time with loved ones, curling up with a good book (or 3), learning ukulele covers, yoga, and Disney movies. 

Thanks for stopping by!

2010 - present
2010 - present

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​


Selena Maria | Selena Maria Sings | Childsplay Arizona

Amelia | To The Moon by Beth Kander | Creede Repertory Theatre

Diana | All's Well That Ends Well | Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre

Vanessa/Dance Captain | In the Heights | Lees-McRae Summer Theatre

Ensemble | Sueños: Our American Musical | NY Theatre Barn


Lead Actor | Fate for Distant Observers| FSU Film School

Lead Actor | Once Upon A Blood Moon | FSU Film School

Lead Actor | Go to Hell | FSU FIilm School


Unarmed/ Smallsword/ Rapier&Dagger Combat | British Academy of Dramatic Combat | Rachel Bown-Williams

Acting | Florida State University | Jean McDaniel Lickson, Michael Hayden, Fred Chappell, Leslie Patterson

Voice | Florida State University | Debra Hale

Movement/Dance | Florida State University | Kate Gelabert